FLORISSIMA - success through community

Our Philosophy

FLORISSIMA aims at blending the traditional and the modern, both fundamental features of our business philosophy.
Our goal is be close to our customers, provide excellence in service and quality, and offer a diversity of ideas, creating trends and setting accents a commitment shared by all of our 14 affiliated companies. We can look back on 40 years in which we have always been at the cutting edge in providing the latest trends for decoration and floristry accessories, being both market-driven and customer-facing.


Five wholesalers in the floristry accessory business come together, sharing a vision: to revolutionize the floristry market and lay the foundations for a successful business enterprise. The "Golden Circle" becomes a symbol for proven concepts. Shortly after, more companies from neighbouring countries join this community.


The "Godesberg Circle" becomes "Floristenbedarf International" and finally, FLORISSIMA. In the 70s all affiliated members work together to achieve a new market approach. Management, distribution and promotional activities are worked out and decided jointly, a strategy which is soon crowned by success.


The growth of trade in Asia and the Far East leads to the setting up of a limited company to handle the shared import business. Now, nearly 40 years on, Florissima has 14 member companies aimed at achieving a single idea: steering customers between the traditional and the modern.

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